This series contains everyday people as fashion models. The models are all from Beverwijk and all photos were taken in their own living environment in the city. I grew up happy in this city, but learned about the poor reputation it had from outsiders as I grew older. With Runway Of Life I wanted to play with the idea that everyone could be a fashion model in their own environment. Even if that is in an “unpopular” city like Beverwijk.
By emphasizing and paying attention to everyday things and situations, they suddenly seem to stand out and become special. Especially given the timing these photos were taken, these pictures were taken during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is these everyday and simple activities that have become more important than ever. The activities we used to take for granted are now all prominent aspects in the daily lives of people. Walking the dog, running errands and being outside in general have now taken on a completely different meaning.
For this graduation project, I received my Bachelor of Arts.

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